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Anker 1

“These days being on time and working hard is just not enough!” - Staufen

Where Are the Female CIOs? (

Read this article I wrote about how riding a motorcycle is very much like living your life. Adventure riding the world is a big passion

Journalist, painter and leadership blogger Angelika Neumann interviewed me on trust in the workplace. In the end we had to follow up with a second article to expand on the topic (in german only)  

We don't have a gender problem, we have a gender opportunity, print article in Funkschau (in german only)  

Workplace 4.0 IHK Sonderheft Wirtschaft print article about Key Factors trust and freedom (in german only)  

Featured Article from the Female Speakup Career Panel

Interview about how to successfully move to a new work (german only)

Article in Fujitsu Blog

Blog on Workplace 2025

Press release in Computerwoche announcing my appointment at Microsoft as IT director (in German only),3099694 

Ranked in's top female leaders list (in German only),10599,40#galleryHeadline 

Interview about Digitalization and what companies can do to be ready for the future (German)

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