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"Welcome to the ultimate collection of Anna's acquired wisdom! OK, that sounded very arrogant... Can I start again?"


I have been asked many times to start writing. I have on occasion had some publications of articles in a few business mags and even in the German Cosmopolitan, My sister said: wohoo, you are a Cosmo Girl! Uhm, well, not quite.. 

I was interviewed for an article for the chamber of commerce last year. The lengthy, very professional and business like article was written by a journalist but published under my name. The first thing my husband said: You didn't write this. NOT your style at all. That can be interpreted as "Not professional and business like". I can take that. It is true. Well, almost, I can be lengthy, one out three ain't bad.

So without further ado, I am now starting to write down a few of the Annaisms I have collected in the cluttered back of my brain, dusting them off, polishing them and making them presentable to the public. 

I want to thank my family, my snake, my ... no, we are not quite there yet!

Photo by Caroline Floritz 

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