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Aktualisiert: 9. Jan. 2019

The first thing I want to explain is the reason why I started Annism, the Blog.
This summer I was the guest of honor at a network event, which was a lovely lunch where I was interviewed, giving smart answers to intelligent questions and make everyone have a good time, including me. Free lunch and sit and talk about myself for 2 hours? Count me in!​ Now, one woman across me at the table got out a note book. At some point, she raised her hand to ask a questions, and said: I saw you last year on stage, you held a keynote about (.. not important what that was) and you said "write this down" and I did. I have been using that and it really works! I was flabbergasted, a word not used often enough, and truly expressive of my reaction. When I said "write this down" I didn't mean it literally, it was a way to drumroll that I am now going to say something very clever, and of course something that I have practised a lot. But she took it literally, she thought what I was really good, worth writing down and.. wrote it down. I, in that moment, had unwittingly let a wisdom lose in this world! Flabbergasting, isn't it? So I was confronted with this wisdom again, and yeah, it was actually quite good. Wise. Wisdommy. Afterwards, the organiser approached me and said I should consider writing a book. Full of flabbergastacious wiseness. Boom, the idea of Annaism was born!

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