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Aktualisiert: 9. Jan. 2019

One of the Annaistic techniques of Annaism that I started practising well before I really knew it was one, and the first one to become very clear to me, is the practice of becoming the GoTo person. You know that person everyone asks everything, because they just assume they know?

That person who if they don't know, they know who knows, and if they don't know who knows, they know someone who might know who knows. And if not, they will find out, because it is so unusual that they don't know, or don't know who knows, or don't know who might know someone who knows. (Lengthy.. I warned you!) that they want to find out.

That is one of the secret career enhancing moves I talk about. How do you become the GTP?

You start small, know all about office logistics, build network with people, ask what they do. Invaluable to know if they are a person who knows. 

Many years ago when I started out as a telesales representative calling hundreds of customers, and learned to shrug off the hundreds of "No thanks" I encountered, just to get a small yes-nugget every so often, the minimum viable outcome of ANY conversation was to leave the call with allowance to call again. Think about that for a minute. This can be built into any kind of situation. Leave doors open, ask people if you can contact them if you have a question, make a good impression so that at any point in time you can reach out to them. Never burn bridges. Obviously never tell a colleague to F""" right off. Or a customer for that matter. Or a boss. Especially not a boss. Goes without saying...

Or a family member or friend. Maybe a person you very consciously are transitioning from boy/girlfriend to an ex-status. And even that is subject to the situation and person in question. But yeah, that last one, you just might be too tempted to do that. But otherwise, try not to burn bridges.

I usually get the question, well, if I take on things like organising catering, meeting room, volunteer the information of when the post picks up mail, and generally point people in the right direction for any subject, will I not reduce myself to the role of assistant to everyone? No, we are talking GoTo, not Gofer. Not so subtle, the difference! Just because you know doesn't mean you are the one getting stuck with the execution. That is the balance, and there is massive value in practising the art of delegating back to others and not being stuck with extra work, a skill you will have great use for for the rest of your life- promise! 

Haven't we all seen people excelling in never having to do any kind of actual work, and still making great career strides? Just saying, not that I am one of those, I actually DO work. Sometimes. Occasionally. Ok, that sounded lazy. Next post: I am going to talk about laziness being a great strength.

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